March Volunteer Spotlight: Michele Sliwicki

Meet our March Volunteer Spotlight: Michele Sliwicki!

Michele has been a volunteer with us for 15 years this month! She is currently tutoring 8 different learners and runs the children’s classroom at our Women and Children’s English Class. Michele is beloved by our learners and their children alike – the Mom’s in our program are at ease knowing their kids are with her while they attend their own classes. When I interviewed a learner that used to attend Women and Children’s she said that entering regular preschool was hard for her son, because according to him, “school is fine, but it’s not as fun as Michele School!” Michele doesn’t just lead class and tutor – she helps in every way that she can. She helps lead our citizenship workshops, she has helped with data entry when we were shorthanded, she assists learners with making doctor appointments AND transports them to those appointments, she signs all of our Women & Children’s learners up for the back to school fair and Toys for Tots. She has helped her students apply for mortgages, green cards, and Habitat for Humanity houses. And if that list isn’t enough – Michele ALSO volunteers at World Relief!

In previous years Michele was a computer programmer and at times worked inside the home to care for her children. Her personal passions include genealogy, her family, and reading.

Michele – thank you SO MUCH for everything you do for our organization and learners. Your generosity is inspiring for all of us!

Teacher Michele reading today’s story!
Animal identification at Women And Children’s English Class
Eating together at the quarterly Women and Children’s Potluck
Dress up play time plus shapes at Michele School!
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