January Learner Spotlight

Our Spotlight of the Month this January is Rozan!  Rozan is seen here celebrating her 180 days on the job with 4Imprint.  Rozan relocated to Oshkosh a little over two years ago from Syria. She cherishes life in Oshkosh, especially in comparison to larger cities like Chicago or Milwaukee, appreciating the warmth and friendliness of the people here. In Syria, Rozan was pursuing a degree in Geology, but the onset of the war disrupted her academic journey.

Despite the challenges, Rozan’s husband successfully obtained a Green Card and came to the US. While awaiting the necessary paperwork to join him, she dedicated two years to mastering the English language in preparation for her new life. Once she arrived, we had the privilege of assisting Rozan with her English skills at the WALC for a couple of months before she secured her first job in Oshkosh, working in a restaurant. However, it turned out to be a mismatch for her.

That’s when she connected with Oxana through our Road To Work program, leading her to her current position at 4Imprint. Rozan expresses her love for working at 4Imprint, emphasizing the supportive and friendly atmosphere.

Congratulations Rozan! Thank you for allowing us to share your inspiring success story. Please keep us posted on the wonderful journey of your growing family!

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