January Volunteer Spotlight: Valerie Williams

This year marks the 10th year of Valerie Williams volunteering with WALC!

Val has been an awesome volunteer at our Women and Children’s program – formerly called Family Literature. For the past 10 years, she has been attending the Women and Children classes regularly every Tuesday and Thursday. During class she holds babies and plays with children so their mothers can focus on learning with no concerns about their little ones. She does puzzles, makes play-doh with the kids, organizes puppet shows, reads to the preschoolers, and much more. One of her favorite stories to tell the kids is of a doll she had donated to the program. The doll was her daughter’s, and the clothes on the doll were made by Val herself. Val has an instant comforting rapport with the kids – they love and trust her the second they see her, and she loves the kids unconditionally. Another passion Val enjoys is gardening – and she often brings fruit and vegetables from her large garden to share with the women in class.

Everyone at the Winnebago Area Literacy Council would like to thank Val for all that she has done for us and for the positive impact she has brought to the families she has helped – thank you Val!