The Winnebago County Literacy Council can help you read, write and speak English.

  • Do you want to be able to read and fill out the paperwork from school, the bank, your job or the doctors?
  • Do you want to better understand your boss or landlord?
  • Do you want to read a story to your child?

You can work one-to-one with a tutor, or you can attend one of our many programs and classes. Tutors, programs and classes, and books are provided for FREE. To have a tutor or attend our English as a Second Language class, you must undergo an assessment to determine the area of need for improvement.

Call or text 920-573-5507 to get started.

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Learner Testimonials

Mu Yen came to the United States in June 2008. She and her family accomplished their dream of her becoming a U.S. Citizen just in time to vote in the Fall 2013 elections. Every week she continues to build her knowledge of the English language while attending Family Literacy classes with her children. She works on linguistic activities with them at home, using ideas gained from English class. She continues to build confidence in mastering the English language while making progress toward her literacy goals.

Mu Yen
Lifelong Learner with WCLC
March 4, 2015

"I arrived in the United States in May of 2013, but my life in America began the day I met Tina at the Literacy Council," said WCLC learner Rameez, during a panel discussion at University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh. After arriving to the U.S. from Pakistan on religious asylum, Rameez received individual tutoring, and enrolled in English as a Second Language classes and the Road to Work (employment skills classes) program. He obtained his driver's license, steady employment, and enrolled in technical college - all in the span of 7 months.

Lifelong Learner with WCLC
April 29, 2015

Joseph came to the United States, last May, as a refugee from the Congo.  He had spent more than 7 years in a refugee camp, in Tanzania, after fleeing from the Rebel Army.  In Tanzania, he earned a Bachelor degree in Social Work, and taught French to children in a high school, there, as well as a little English.  He says he dreams of becoming a teacher in America. He attends classes at Fox Valley Technical College (FVTC) and the Literacy Council, is enrolled in the Road to Work program, and studies with one of our tutors. Since his arrival in Oshkosh, he has obtained full-time employment, and improved his English by four levels! He has a strong desire to help other refugees learn through his experience, and is an advocate for greater involvement in literacy.


Lifelong Learner with WCLC
April 29, 2015