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What field to choose in marketing after graduation?

I have not graduated yet and my core field of studies is media sciences but let’s set that aside and talk about career goals and options for now. I sometimes feel let down that I am about to graduate and I am still struggling to find a stable job. I did not think that it would be so difficult but it surely is. I do have an interest in digital marketing and animations so I searched about it and it said that using an animation video maker online helps you in merging both these elements together for marketing purposes. Should I go for it?

Choose the field according to your interest. What you have chosen in graduation matters a lot because it decides your future. After graduation people are usually doing jobs. I have done graduation in business administration because I wanted to do business. I have started a small online business for custom cosplay leather jackets for mens and womens. I took a startup as my final year project and grew up. You should also do the things with your interest.

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Hey dear, First of all, you have to decide the interest because interest is very matter for working. If you are interested in your work so you are never nervous about the work. Well, If you are some interested in video animations so it is not a bad field. It is much scope in this field you are going in a perfect way. You can make a different kind of animated videos and sell it to the customers. By the way, you have also one choice. If you have writing skills so you can become a good writer and work with essay writing service UAE who is working in the writing platform.

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Digital marketing is on-trend and It is a long-lasting field whenever Student asks me a question about choosing their career in marketing I always suggest them to choose digital marketing rather than traditional marketing because the future of digital marketing is bright. And there are also many online platform that help student in education to help them to grow rapidly.

I choose online marketing after graduation because digital marketing has a lot of career scope right now. we work as an SEO, SMO, and other relevant fields. when I do online marketing course I make so much online marketing assignment in college.  well, I get help for my all assignment work from students assignment help. they give me the best writing service. they charge too low money for their services.

Choosing a career in marketing is very tough decision my suggestion for that student s who were recently graduated is to take digital marketing as a career because digital marketing has good scope in future to rather than old traditional ways of marketing. I am also a digital marketer I do marketing for AR-15 Complete Upper product on the various platform on the internet and have good ROI on my product.


Digital marketing is definitely on the rise!