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What field to choose in marketing after graduation?

I have not graduated yet and my core field of studies is media sciences but let’s set that aside and talk about career goals and options for now. I sometimes feel let down that I am about to graduate and I am still struggling to find a stable job. I did not think that it would be so difficult but it surely is. I do have an interest in digital marketing and animations so I searched about it and it said that using an animation video maker online helps you in merging both these elements together for marketing purposes. Should I go for it?

Choose the field according to your interest. What you have chosen in graduation matters a lot because it decides your future. After graduation people are usually doing jobs. I have done graduation in business administration because I wanted to do business. I have started a small online business for custom cosplay leather jackets for mens and womens. I took a startup as my final year project and grew up. You should also do the things with your interest.