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What are the necessary steps to gain citizenship?

Here is the government's website on Citizenship:

It has information on requirements, applications and fees, timelines, and the test.

Here is the government's site that provides all the study material needed to prepare for the test:




Essentially an illegal, he can nevermore become legal in the US marriage will not help ..that's an old myth .. you can nevermore get him to work permission or a driving license... you have to communicate him home and start from there. do my math homework for me If successful, you will be given an immigrant visa which makes you a permanent citizen (green card holder) on first entry.

The big step is acquiring permanent residency. That is the prerequisite to obtaining US citizenship. You can’t become a US citizen without first becoming a permanent resident.

Acquire permanent residency and becoming a naturalized citizen is relatively straightforward. Just wait enough time, meet the residency and tax requirements and apply Read More