Tutoring Opportunity: Boys and Girls Club Members

Thanks to our wonderful partnership with the Boys and Girls Club (BGC), the WCLC has the opportunity to offer one-to-one tutoring to some of their middle school and high school attendees. We are eagerly searching for volunteers who are interested in this exciting opportunity to become a positive role model in these children/teens’ lives! This is an opportunity for both new and returning volunteers. Please see the following from our Education Coordinator, Julia Frascona:

“I have been interviewing the BGC kids so we can make the perfect tutor match.  What I am learning about these young lives is sobering at best. It seems that all the girls want female tutors and the boys want males.  All the kids are adorable.

Tutoring high school and middle school learners is all about making a connection and finding positive ways to experience the printed word. No worries! You will not tutor in algebra or chemistry. You might help with organization or showing your learner how to use the library for a research project. We focus on the primary interests of the learners and help them discover more about those interests using the printed word.

We require a one hour workshop about working with adolescents prior to the first session with your learner. BGC tutoring takes place at the library. Each session is one hour any weekday after school. The day and time are determined by you, BGC, and the learner’s after school schedule.

Here are just a few examples of kids waiting for a tutor:

  • 6th grade male wants to open a sandwich and donut shop when he grows up. You might spend your hour a week reading culinary magazines and cookbooks.
  • Sophomore in high school (male) wants a tutor to read Stephen King and John Grisham novels with him and check his assignment notebook each week.
  • 6th grade female that lives with all boys and wants a girly-girl tutor to read about girls who solve their own problems.
  • 8th grade female wants to start writing a journal but has trouble getting her thoughts down.
  • Senior in high school (male) who has no idea what he wants to do after high school but likes working with his hands and outdoors. You might focus on reading all about career and school options as well as help him finish his literacy assignments for school.
  • 7th grade male, English not spoken in the home, brilliant kid in personality and smarts.
  • 8th grade female, loves graphic novels, getting to know new people, and helping others, wants to read more about her culture and women of color.
  • 6th grade female reports she is a poor reader, hates big fat chapter books, loves her puppy, and hates school because there is just too much to remember. Reading aloud with her from female centric novels and stories as well as helping with organization will be the focus.”

If you would like to be a part of this wonderful opportunity, or at least learn more about what it entails, please contact Julia at (920) 236-5219 ext. 4830 or at Frascona@winlit.org.

Tutoring Opportunity: Boys and Girls Club Members | Winnebago County Literacy Council

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