Success Story: Gary and David

Gary has been a learner at the WCLC for over 10 years. This summer he is signed up for the summer reading program at the library. He loves to read about animals.

Gary works on his reading and math skills with David; he has his own math books and he learned how to use a calculator. David said that in the past year Gary has done very well on his reading and phonics, and he likes to keep Gary up to date and keep him practicing. Gary loves to read on his own and knows that practice is the best way to continue to learn.

Right now Gary works at Lakeside Packaging but wants a new job soon. His goal would be to work in a zoo because he loves animals. David and Gary have gone on field trips together to the zoo.

Success Story: Gary and David | Winnebago County Literacy Council

Gary and his tutor, David, reading through a new book on big cats.

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