Understanding the trends of individual Wikipedia pages

One of the interesting thing that has been observed from the past few years for many different pages were the declining page views for the Wikipedia even for the number of popular pages.

Understanding the page views mechanism on Wikipedia

The foremost thing one should keep in mind is what the page views regard and what doesn’t. These page views are obtained by the Wikimedia foundation analytics team that is processed by raw user activity logs however, the page count mechanism is flawed in two ways;

It only gets recognition of the page view on the main wikipedia website and not the page views on the websites that are operated with the smartphones

In September 2014 as an active solution considering the above difficulty, a new tips named as page counts-all-sites was established. Since we had no record for the visits done by cellphones or of wikipedia zero at the scale of separable pages prior to it.

Another question was of the page views made by the bots. The as per the research estimated 15% of the page views are done by bots. Though the percentage for it is relatively higher for the individual pages with the overall page views this is due to bots have the least crawling rate. Which means every page might have at least thrice bot crawls every other day, leading to a least 90 automated page views either there are a handful of human views

Hence the trends refer to the trends in total page views for the main pages of Wikipedia websites inclusive of the pages requested by the bots however still exclusive of the visits made by mobile domains. Though the visits from the mobile devices to the main sites will be included however, the mobile devices are by default transmitted to the mobile site

The reliability of the metrics

From the above the counted states are somewhat unreliable due to the bot problem and the issue of only noting the traffic that is non mobile. As per the German Wikipedia experts 40% of the traffic in most cases is generated by the bots.

Considering the trends for individual Wikipedia pages

As far as we observe the behavior of the Wikipedia consultant and contributors is the indicator of what they are interested in learning about. The analysis of the trends in the views of pages can bring forth a crucial point that how keen are the individuals and how they satisfy their curiosity, and its evolving. Well, doing the sort of analysis for the individual pages all is needed is an account, and control for the prevailing trends in the views of wiki pages that have happened for a reason, despite than a change in individuals inherent interest in the subject

Or in other case we may falsely conclude from the page view decline that a topic might be falling in popularity, whereas in reality what is actually happening is the overall shift in the usage of wikipedia to mobile versions

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